Pat’s Garden



This  is a very  accurate  and  fun based   technique  that  I  developed many  years  ago. Once you understand  how to interpret  the drawing, it  can  give  huge  insight  into how  someone perceives their ‘Life-Scape.


The concept was inspired by my Mother – Pat, when I was just a little girl … Here’s what she said to me…

“Life Is a Garden Without Any Doubt, If you put good things in you will  Get Good Things Out.”

My Mother finally made her spiritual  journey home to tend her own garden in May 2009. I have dedicated this technique to her memory, in appreciation of the gifts she gave to me.

I  never really understood  those  words  as a child, but  they shaped  not  only my  life but  the  lives  of countless  others,  who  have  explored this  technique for themselves.  Having harvested the  benefit  of  understanding metaphors that  play out as messengers in  our  conscious  mind, providing a safe place  for  our sub-conscious  and  super-conscious minds  to  meet  and  play.

By drawing your own garden  (and this can be any garden in your mind’s eye) – just let your imagination take over ,,, but don’t think about it too hard .. and hey presto…

Instant self analysis!

This technique proves uncannily accurate every time – even though six months down the line you may find that another drawing of your  ‘Garden’ is something quite different, it will still speak to you in a different way but equally as revealing.

After your garden  drawing has  been  interpreted,  you will  probably  find  that  one  garden  metaphor is significant. This is  different  for  everyone. At  this stage it  is helpful  to  carry the  metaphor  around  with you.  in  this  way  you  focus  on it  and interact  with it on a  daily basis.

By recreating Pat’s  Garden metaphors into  beautifully, hand  crafted jewellery for  personal  empowerment and healing, you start to focus on what you want in your life and change the way  you perceive things around you and from your past. This  works like ‘Law of Attraction’. You can change your life when you change your perception.

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Here is a video  that  explains  the  process  and  how  I  successfully  used  this  with  children in the past.



Over  the  years,  this simple  drawing  technique  has  expanded as  explained in the book ‘Pat’s Garden’. This  concept is now  available  to  everyone with the  life – Scape jewellery  concept that  goes  alongside  it and with  many other  life enhancing  techniques.


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