This  is  the MINIme Gallery  Range from Pat’s Garden

The theme  is based  on  putting together a gallery  collection of gallery  framed  picture  jewellery. This  comes  to  you on a  separate easel and  your own  personally designed  ‘MINIme’ doll, especially  for  you  after  submitting  your photo. The  range  of pictures can  include  your therapeutic pathway picture (  e.g. negative  patterns, OR-Kids etc ). or  any other  image  from  your Pat’s  garden metaphor, Gift  from  the  Garden  etc.

This  range  is  currently  available  as  necklaces  or  key rings.

a personalised MINIme representation based on your submitted photo. Designed for display in your mini gallery of Pat’ Garden designs.


Gallery framed picture necklace of ‘Nature’s Spirit Speaks ‘ range. White polymer clay , gold ‘distressed’ frame embedded in resin


Gallery Frame – Nature’s Spirit Speaks Collection: Love in a Mist