Interpreting your  ‘Garden’ will amaze  you – showing  how  you  become  who  you are and  how  to reach who  you were  always  meant  to be, by  exploring metaphors  which  symbolise  your past, present  and  future  as you  see it right  now.

An Example:


This  is a fun – focused  and simple  creative  approach and an amazingly accurate psycho-therapeutic  tool. This is  how  it  works:

Once you  have  drawn your garden, it  can  be  divided  into  different sections: your  past  present and  future,  as you  see it  right  now. Masculine  and  feminine  influences in  your  life.  Also your  intuitive and  creative  side and your  logical  and  analytical  side.


By understanding  the  symbolism  of  metaphors in your  garden, you  are  able  to reflect  upon your life’s journey. This is  where your  sub-conscious Mind ( patterns  and past  experiences) and  super–conscious  Mind (intuitive voice  within you) speak to your  conscious  awareness, through  your  drawing.  This process informs  and  signposts your way  forward.

Like  the  seasons  of the  year,  your inner landscape  constantly  changes.

You can book an interpretation  online from one  of  our trained  and  certified practitioners.

Maintenance ‘Gardening Fee’ (Interpretation or Level 1):

£25 to  include:-

Initial interpretation report  ( emailed  as  pdf document) + 1  hour Online  consultation  (Skype) +  personal focus  awareness  jewellery ( posted  to  you)

Here is an example of the charm garden metaphors. They can be sent to you as a bracelet, pendant, key ring or bag /zip charm


Life  scape  jewellery commissions are also available, from our accredited art and  jewellery  designers in  our  creative collective community.

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Here is an example of a commissioned charm Pat’s Garden bracelet.

In the  example  of  a  garden  drawn  above,  the  significant metaphor  was of a Magnolia Tree. Here  is  the  example of metaphor jewellery  focus that  was  posted  out as  part of the online  consultation:

The piece of jewellery comes with 3 wearable options: necklace, bracelet or key ring / bag charm. It also comes with a high quality Giclee print Art card with a personal message relating to the significance of your metaphor. From the ‘Gifts from Pat’s Garden’ Range.


Further exploration over therapeutic ‘stepping  stones’ . This is Garden ‘Landscaping’ (Analysis)and  is  available as required.

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