Personal Commissions:

Although  you  may  have  been sent a personalised  garden  metaphor charm to  focus  your  awareness as part of  your  Garden  Interpretation, many  people choose  to  upgrade  to a  personally commissioned  piece of  Pat’ Garden  jewellery.

These  make  excellent  gifts  to honour  yourself  or  others and   a  beautiful, personally  designed  piece  of one of a kind, hand made jewellery is a fabulous  way  to catch  the  eye  of  those  around  you. As well as maintain  your  own  focus on attracting  your goals into  your  life!

The  design is  negotiated  around  your  focus  metaphor and  discussed  with your  jewellery  designer. It  could be a  bracelet, cuff, necklace, anklet, key ring  or  bag / phone  charm.



This customised Pat’s Garden design was commissioned to represent the Garden with a range of metaphors that could be interchangeable with a daily focus. Charm bracelet design





Hand made chain maille bracelet design with hand made charms.


Here  are  some  further  examples  of  commissioned custom hand  made OOAK jewellery:


This piece was commissioned based on a fantasy Garden of Game of Thrones


Dragon Egg – set in resin, part of fantasy set above.


This statement is about seizing opportunities in life/ It  was  commissioned  from  a  garden  which featured a  cat  staring  at  fish  in  a  pond.


A memorial piece: This was specially commissioned for a lady who had the remains of her beloved cat buried in her garden.