Garden Analysis:

This part  of  the  process  is  known as  Pat’s Garden Landscaping ( Analysis – Level 2) :-



Following your  interpretation session and  what  you  have  put in your  garden, it may be  helpful  to  have  a  follow up  analysis.  This may  involve  you drawing  a  particular  section  of  your  garden in  more  detail.  From  this  a  more in  depth  analysis can   be  made in  more  specific  detail.

An example could be to expand on one aspect of your original garden in more detail


 A  personal  holistic natural remedy accompanies  this  approach,  which  would be  posted  out  to  you following this  session if  indicated in  your  drawings.  For  example  a  personalised  Bach  Flower  Remedy to  help  with  stuck  emotions  or a healthy lifestyle profile,  depending  on  what comes  out  of  the  analysis.  Once  more  a   report  is prepared  for  you which is  explained  during  a booked  skype  session. Your  remedy  follows  by  post.

The Analysis can  be  purchased online and includes: A  personalised in –  depth report which  expands  on specific  areas of  your original garden interpretation + a personalised Holistic  remedy, which  is  discussed  during your  online  consultation and  posted  out  to you.

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Landscape Fee ( analysis) : £30  Covers  Analysis  report / online  consultation for  1  hour / personal remedy



Pat’s Garden : Level 3 (The Garden Plan, Grid Template & Therapeutic Pathways)

A slightly  different approach, involving  –  you’ve  guessed  it – another  garden!  This  time I  send you  a   simple template  garden  that  you  fill in as  you feel appropriately. The Hidden  metaphors  and  garden  pathways you follow  in  this  template define a  therapeutic  way forward for  you.  This is  compared  to  your original  garden and  which might  address   for  example: core issues or  negative  patterns in your life  which  appear in your  garden, or effective  stress  management approaches  to  support you. It  explores  your  personal  journey in  life in  relation  to  those  outside  influences  that  might  have  shaped  your  garden  or  taken  you off path along  the  way.

This is a  progressive therapeutic  support root based  on Level 2 : Analysis:

Level 3: £30 covers Personal  support (Therapeutic  plan ) / online  consultation  for  1  hour/  1  personal  follow  up  pathway  session + report

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Further  follow  up  support  can  be  negotiated  at this  point  if  needed.