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Following  our  recent review  in Kindred  Spirit:-

PAT’s Garden : Elevated Levels  – The Book, (complete  with your  very own  pack  of therapeutic Oracle  Art Cards),  is  now  available….. Click here for  more  details





My Name  is  Linda  Porter . I am the founder of  HET ( Holistic Educational Therapy) programme. See www.HETwebsite.com .

The  culmination  of  20 years research  and  development has now expanded upon the success of  the Pat’s  Garden Concept to bring it to a wider  community.

The  gateway  to  the HET programme is  a very  simple process that I call “Life-Gardening or  Life-Scaping”, a concept I  developed which  was inspired  by  my Mother, Pat. It proved  to be  a milestone, not  only in my career, but in the field of self-healing and in personal empowerment psychology.


Welcome to PAT’s GARDEN:



A new way of seeing  your  ‘Life-Scape’…..

To Find out  more  about  how  this  concept  works – Click here  

This  blog is about how we relate the  ‘Pat’s Garden’ concept to  our  daily  life.


Below are  some  examples  of specially commissioned Pat’ Garden ranges, created by our cottage artisans.

Could  you become a Cottage Artisan as a Pat’s Garden Concept designer or therapeutic consultant?

Click on  the photos below:  to  find out more  about  some of the Art /Jewellery  ranges  in  the  Pat’s Garden concept: 

Therapeutic Range:Emotional management through the natural remedies of Dr Edward Bach



This is a commissioned  piece. One lady  had a  cat  watching  fish in  the  pond in her  garden. It is a  statement about seizing opportunities in life


The Leprachaun is part of the Nature’s Spirits Speak Range. It comes with an art card  story  and a project to  connect you to  nature.


The Zen Garden range: Symbolic of garden metaphors. This is the strawberry. It comes with an Art Card Story.
Aromatherapy Relax Range. Lavender cuff. For details of how to make these – please email me: linda@jewellery.Life


Language of Flowers Range: Flowers are significant in your garden interpretation. This is a commissioned bouquet of flowers from a Pat’s Garden. Wood burned disc charms with matching beads and crystals.


MINIme Gallery  Range: A personalised MINIme design based on your submitted photo. This features as centre piece towards your personal gallery range collection of jewellery.


How  to  be  part of  the ‘Creative  Collective’:

Part  of  my  HET work was with young people with  emotional  and  behavioural  problems, who  were  unable  to  get  qualifications  or  employment. I  worked with  them  on  setting  up  their own creative collective  enterprise, in  order that they could have  an opportunity to  generate an income. You  can  see  more  about  this  work by  clicking  this  link. Please  click here

I have  now  developed this concept to extend to fellow cottage artisans to develop  their own  sustainable  enterprise. I would  welcome you  making contact  with me, to  find out more about the  synergy  of Pat’s Garden in becoming an online therapeutic consultant or designer / art / crafter. Training is  available!

Nowadays, I mostly work  from my  studio and focus on transfering my concepts to  help others set  up  their  own creative  collectives. I  am accompanied by 3  friends in  this venture:

That’s 2  cats  and a pig!

Look out for the ” Cats in  the  Studio and  Bats in the Belfry’ Green films. They contain treasure  trails, projects, quizzes  and  competitions and  can  pop up  anywhere.

Here’s an example: Please  click  here and  feel  free  to  pass on  the  link.



  Linda Porter: B.A., Cert.Ed. MIPTI, BFRP, MACTA, Dip.Phy.,FMHET  (artist, designer, teacher, therapist and  psychologist) is  the  founder of  the internationally acclaimed  and  award winning Holistic  Educational Therapy Programme.